Rental Housing

Toby Fredericksen, Rental Inspector

Roosevelt Park is contracted with Muskegon Charter Township to provide Rental Inspection services for the City. Toby Fredericksen is assigned as the rental inspector for all rental property located in Roosevelt Park. Any and all questions, complaints or problems regarding rental property code compliance issues should be brought to the attention of Muskegon Township staff listed below.

Muskegon Township staff contact information: (231) 777-2555

Rental Housing Supervisor: Toby Fredericksen ext. 1130
Rental Housing Clerk: Alice Dobben ext. 1131

Mail all correspondence or payments regarding the rental program to:

Muskegon Charter Township
1990 E. Apple Ave.
Muskegon, MI 49442

General Requirements

  • All rental property must have a rental license
  • All non owner occupied rental property must be inspected every year.
  • All property must be in compliance with the inspection prior to receiving a rental license.
  • Renting without a rental license is against the law.

Registering with the City

(a) All rental dwellings shall be registered with the City. If the owner does not reside within 30 miles of the City, he or she shall designate a responsible local agent who shall be responsible for operating such dwelling in compliance with all codes, ordinances and laws.

(b) Failure to comply with registration requirements is a violation of the Ordinance and the owner shall be subject to late fees of $25.00 for the first failure to register letter and $50.00 for the final failure to register letter, followed by a fine in the amount of up to $500.00.

(c ) The owner of a new rental dwelling or of any dwelling newly converted to a rental dwelling shall register the rental dwelling prior to allowing occupancy.

(d) A Certificate of Compliance shall be issued after the rental property has been inspected and approved for occupancy, and any fees, fines, penalties or debts of any sort arising from the provisions or enforcement of this division are paid.

Inspection Process

Muskegon Township staff will schedule an inspection via a letter within a few days of receiving your completed registration form. The letter will contain the date and time of the inspection. It is the owner’s responsibility to see that either himself or the occupant (must be an adult) of the rental unit is available at the specified time.

The Muskegon Township rental inspector will arrive within a few minutes of the scheduled time and inspect the entire rental unit(s). In the rare instance that an inspector does not arrive within 10 minutes of the scheduled appointment, please call 231-777-2555 ext. 1131 to verify that you have the correct date and time. The length of time it takes to conduct an inspection for a single-family home is normally 15 to 20 minutes.

Code Violations: If the rental inspector determines that there are code violations that need to be addressed, a notice will be sent to the property owner/manager outlining the violations. It is ultimately the property owner’s responsibility to correct those issues noted in the inspection report, even if the violations were caused by the tenant.